Cape Of Awesome Riffs is a rhythm PvP game where one player controls a Portuguese Caravela and the other a guitar shredding Adamastor. It was developed for Global Game Jam 2017, along with Miguel Alberto, Miguel Oliveira and Nuno Marcão, with sound by Ricardo Sousa.

Being that the theme was "Waves" and one of the diversifiers was to include a myth from our country, we decided to invoke the confrontation between the Portuguese sailmen and Adamastor told in Os Lusíadas by Luís de Camões.

In terms of gameplay, the player playing as Adamastor, holding a keyboard as if it is a guitar, needs to strike a chord the moment lightning strikes. This generates a wave with a button prompt that the player playing as the Caravela needs to press in the right timing in order to avoid damage. There are three stages in the game, with Adamastor helding a different intrument in each of them.

Cape Of Awesome Riffs will be available in in the near future.